FelixInu Whitepaper

3 min readNov 11, 2023


Felix Inu

Felix Inu is one of the most exciting and incredibly bullish ERC20 crypto projects aimed to disrupt the meme industry and bring back the iconic Inu days. This resilient Dog is incredibly bullish with an active community going into the next bull run. Felix Inu is fully revived and leading the meme-coin revolution to promote a safe and fun crypto experience with an iconic and resilient dog with a rich history.


What makes Felix Inu truly special is its connection to the previous bull run where dog memes took center stage pushing and pushed memecoin adoption as a household name outside the crypto space. Launched on the ERC20 network, $Felix hopes to bring an incredible crypto experience through the iconic Dog character through a variety of unique utilities to bring the Inu movement back to the mainstream.


Our goal is to bring to life a fun, smart, and resilient dog with an army and utility-based ecosystem that provides a variety of economically sustainable utilities to push the boundaries beyond what other dogs have achieved. Through Felix, we hope to build an incredibly bullish community that is robust, resilient, determined, and well-organized to say the least. We believe in partnership with other stakeholders and giving back to others while remaining committed to pushing the memecoin boundaries for worldwide adoption into the new technological frontier of artificial intelligence.


In the crypto community, there was a saying about another token called $FELIX: “At first, you thought you were fine, but with Felix Inu, you are Fantastic.” It was a playful jab at $FELIX, a token many had missed out on, regretting their hesitation as its value skyrocketed.

Project Ticker.

Felix Inu ticker is $Felix.

$Felix is simply a digital crypto asset traded in the ERC20 blockchain.

$Felix is currently traded on Uniswap using the contract



For more information on how to buy $Felix, visit their website https://felixinu.io


Total Supply: 100,000,000.00

Taxes: 1% Buy/ 1% Sell

Contract: 0x6f3cbe18e9381dec6026e6cb8166c13944fcfee1


Road Map

Phase 1

  • Token Launch
  • Website Launch
  • 1,000 holders
  • CG and CMC Listings
  • $FELIX Trending on Twitter
  • FelixBot

Phase 2

  • Website Revision
  • Release Whitepaper
  • dApp + Gemfinder Tools
  • Exchange Listings
  • Partnerships
  • Further Digital Marketing
  • 5,000 Holders

Phase 3

  • International Communities
  • Website Revisions
  • Meme Takeover
  • $FELIX Academy
  • $FELIX Merchandise
  • 10,000 Holders

Phase 4

· Ecosystem build-out

· Project Partnership

· Governance established

Project Team.

Our team comprises experienced project developers of all DeFi backgrounds brought together to create the most exciting and bullish project community toward the next bull run. They have been involved with billion-dollar market capitalization (MC) projects in the $ 3 billion range. The project is incredibly remarkable as active community members are welcome to become part of running project core functions as well as community management. The talents within the team are incredibly stacked with immeasurable capabilities brought together by the power of Felix Inu towards building the shared value of creating a safe, exciting, and bullish community.


We are not only building the most hard-charging bullish community platform leading the charge towards the next bull run but also building an ecosystem with economically sustainable revenue-sharing components. Our objective is to build a Felix Academy, Felix Bot, staking, game, and merchandise to continue to expand our use cases and revenue generation points to sustain our ecosystem.

We will continue to update our whitepaper to showcase all planned utilities in detail as we evolve the project. Our approach is to maximize the potential of Felix Inu ecosystem by leveraging the power of our community expansion and growth to revolutionize the crypto space and further develop more utilities and future investment asset infrastructure designed to sustain the ecosystem economy and increase the native token value at the same time.


Website: https://felixinu.io

Telegram: https://t.me/felixportalERC

Twitter: https://X.com/FelixInuETH